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Exit Strategy and Company Sales

For the majority of business owners, selling their company provides a once and only opportunity to realise their lifetime’s work.  Sound planning, identification of the right exit route and efficient structuring of the tax are likely to realise the best price.  

Owners are able to significantly impact the price achieved upon sale by careful planning.  It is never too early to start to plan for the eventual route out of or succession to the business.  We work with our clients to develop an appropriate strategy to generate successful exits, and in many cases are working with companies that are looking to exit in several years time. 

All businesses need to consider how best to position themselves to maximise the value or benefit to the shareholders.  The planning and grooming process we conduct is aimed at finding out: 

- What is the business worth?  And if the value doesn’t meet the owners expectations, what steps can be taken to increase it.

- Who is most likely to buy the business? 

- When is purchaser appetite likely to be at its peak?

- Are there any areas that can be changed to make the business more attractive to potential purchasers?

- Are there any areas that can be changed to make the business more profitable and efficient?

Through this process we can help to maximise the chances that the business is sold at the right time in the market and with the optimum strategic position to achieve a premium exit.

Having completed a thorough exit strategy and plan, the specific steps taken on a disposal itself will vary depending upon what we believe is the right strategy to adopt for each individual client.  This may involve a focused exercise concentrating on only a handful of purchasers, or at the other extreme a wide auction process to flush out all interested parties, or perhaps an exclusive deal with the existing management team.  

The key point being that each client, and their circumstances, is different and we tailor our approach to their exit accordingly.

Our key role through the exit process itself is:

- Devise optimum tactics and approach in order to maximise value

- To find the strategic buyer who will pay a premium for your business

- To sell the business discreetly and without distraction whilst you continue to operate on a day to day basis

- Negotiate the best position for you, and your workforce

If you are contemplating an exit, in the short, medium or long term then we can assist you through the process.